At Theresa Nuzzo Primary School, a series of captivating reflective storytelling sessions from the book ‘Spazju għal Qalbi-Beloved Space’ took place on the 19th of June 2023 in Years 4 and 5, leaving the children enthralled and eager for more. The school invited Fr Reuben Gauci and Silvana Cardona to visit and bring the reflective imaginative stories to life, creating an unforgettable experience for young minds.

In four storytelling sessions namely “Il-Luzzu-My Grandfather’s Fishing Boat”, “One World”, “After Camping for a Week”, and “Saying Thank You”, Silvana and Fr Reuben skillfully animated the stories captivating the children’s attention with their expressive voices, animated gestures, and vibrant storytelling techniques. Their talent for weaving narratives immersed the students into a world of imagination, where they could envision the vivid characters and settings from the book.

The interactive nature of the storytelling sessions encouraged the children to actively participate, igniting their creativity and sparking their imaginations. The students eagerly answered questions, shared their thoughts, and even contributed to the storyline, making the sessions more engaging and personalized.

Following each story, the students had the opportunity to experience prayer activities related to the themes and messages conveyed in the book. These prayer activities aimed to foster a sense of gratitude, reflection, and self-expression among the children.

One such activity was the creation of a prayer space using thankful ribbons. The students were encouraged to reflect on the things they were grateful for and write them down on colourful ribbons as a reminder of the abundance of blessings in their lives.

Furthermore, the children had the opportunity to show gratitude by creating models using playdough. These models represented their unique abilities and aspirations, providing a hands-on experience that allowed them to show gratitude in a tangible way.

Additionally, the children crafted worry boats using paper origami techniques and wrote down their worries or concerns on them. The act of folding the paper and releasing it into a water container symbolized letting go of their worries and trusting them to God knowing that they would be taken care of.

To provide moments of peace and tranquillity, a quiet tent was set up where the students could retreat for some quiet moments. The Be Still space allowed them to appreciate moments of silence just like in the story they had just heard.

Spiritual Development in Schools would like to thank the Headmistress, Sr Antonia Bugeja DSH, SLTs, educators and children and Assistant Head Ms Annabella Gauci, for organising the storytelling sessions as these will continue to resonate with the children, creating a holistic learning experience that nurtured both the minds and hearts of the children.

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