Various classes in different primary State schools from all colleges had the opportunity to participate in special assemblies. During these special assemblies, students prepared and presented PowerPoint presentations to their peers, participated in hands-on activities, did action songs, created artwork and involved themselves in other spiritual and educational activities.

Thanks to all the schools who provide these spaces for the students and also to share them with us all.

Special assemblies related to Advent

Advent – a time of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus at Christmas
The Nativity Story – Role Play by Kinder 1.1
Using models to tell the story of Baby Jesus

Special assemblies related to St Martin

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St Martin – Making good use of our talents and good qualities.
St Martin – Being generous
St Martin – helping one another
St Martin – a generous man

Other special assemblies during the year

St Nicholas – Giving gifts to make people happy
Rosary for peacy
Let us help one another
Mental Health Awareness
Celebrating common underlying values of different beliefs such as LOVE, RESPECT and CHARITY
We are all different
Little Amal, a giant puppet, has travelled 8,000km across Turkey and Europe in support of refugees.
Life Motivational Quotes