In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the vital link between mental health and spiritual well-being. Many people, including children and young, turn to spirituality and faith to find comfort, support and meaning. Prayer spaces provide a safe and inclusive environment for children and young people of all faiths and none to explore spirituality, faith, and life’s questions creatively and interactively.

Prayer spaces are designed to be welcoming and accessible, with resources and activities that encourage reflection, meditation and prayer. They provide a space for individuals to explore their own spiritual beliefs and practices while also learning about the beliefs and practices of others. This fosters empathy, understanding and respect for diversity.

Studies have shown that prayer and meditation can positively impact mental health, reducing stress and anxiety, improving emotional regulation, and increasing feelings of well-being. For children and young people, prayer spaces can provide a valuable opportunity to develop emotional and spiritual resilience, coping skills and a sense of connection to others.

Prayer spaces can also be integrated into educational settings, allowing students to take a break from academic work and focus on their emotional and spiritual needs. They can also be used as a tool for promoting cross-cultural understanding and promoting social cohesion.

In conclusion, prayer spaces are valuable for promoting mental health and spiritual growth in children and young people. Providing a safe and inclusive environment for exploration and reflection can help individuals develop emotional and spiritual resilience and promote cross-cultural understanding and social cohesion.

These prayer activities help to enhance one’s mental health:

Finger Breathing

In this prayer space we reflect how using a breathing exercise can help us to release our anxieties and give them to God in prayer

Bounce Back

This prayer corner helps us to reflect about how to be resilient when we face difficult situations.

Think Good Thoughts

In this prayer space we are encouraged to change negative thoughts to positive ones so that we will feel more hopeful and strong especially in difficult situations.

Bottle of Tears

This prayer space invites us to reflect about what makes us sad in life and to give our sadness to God.

Love is Greater than Fear

During this prayer space inspired by 1 John 4:18, one reflects on the fears, especially induced by sickness, and thinks how love is greater than them all.



This prayer space invites one to detach from life’s hustle and bustle and rest a bit in quiet.

Relationships: Human Brokenness

What makes us vulnerable is what makes us human.  This prayer space encourages us to not be frightened by our vulnerability, instead may it inspire us to love and be loved deeply.

Brushed and Forgiven

In this prayer space one is given the opportunity to reflect on the unkind actions we made and invited to pray for forgiveness.


This prayer activity encourages one to identify the positive aspects of oneself as one looks at one’s own self-image created on the image of God in the mirror.

Lent: Mirror

Inspired by the Veronica’s veil, this prayer activity encourages one to identify the positive aspects of oneself as one looks at ones own self-image created on the image of God in a mirror.

Lent: Brushed And Forgiven

In this prayer space one will take time to think that God will forgive us if we ask for forgiveness and reflect on the forgiveness we were granted through the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Be Still: Prayer Word

During this time one is inivted to be still and meditate on ma-ra-na-ta.

Be Still: Listen

In the prayer space one is invited to sit and listen to the reflection played.