On Tuesday 4th July 2017, the Spiritual Development in Schools Unit within the Secretariat for Catholic Education, orgainsed a seminar as a follow up to the ‘Meditation in Schools’ seminar held in November, and also to celebrate and share Good Spiritual Practices in Schools. It was an enriching experience for all those who attended and I am very grateful to all for their valuable presence and contagious enthusiasm!
Around 70 educators participated actively during the seminar and one could sense that there is an increased interest in spirituality. This interest arises in response to the thirst for spiritual nourishment that students – and also staff members – express in various manners as observed by yourselves throughout the year.
We were pleased to note a number of spiritual practices that have become rooted in the activities of a number of schools. Hearing about the positive effect of such initiatives makes us want to share them with more and more schools.
Spiritual staff formation
Religion through Sports
Symbol Literacy Project