This prayer space helps us to reflect about plastic objects we don’t need and how we can reuse it.

Equipment: plastic objects, glue, scissors, markers, acrylic paint, paint brush

  • Early Years
  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years


We all love to have a swim in the sea in summer but plastic is causing great harm to our seas, oceans and be the air we breathe., We can reduce pollution by recycling and reusing plastic.


  • Go around the house and collect plastic objects such as bottle caps etc. Ask yourself: What am I going to do with these objects when I don’t need them anymore? Think of ways in which you can reuse these plastic objects.
  • Write or say a prayer to God so you will be committed to reusing and recycling plastic more often.
  • If you wish you may watch this video clip to get more ideas on how to create objects from plastic waste.


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