This prayer space will help us reflect about the importance of ICT and how we can use it for our own benefit and to help others

Equipment: a mouse, blank paper, pen or pencil

  • Early Years
  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years

ICT helps us to keep a healthy social network and also to access information and to upgrade our skills. It is important to be safe when you are using digital platforms to be protected from all forms of cyberbullying and to be aware of how the technological world can influence our thinking and behaviour so that we will use this great tool to help ourselves and others.


  • Relax. Take the blank sheet of paper and draw the technological devices you use every day like mobile, computer and laptop.
  • How does ICT help you in your life? to? Make a written list of the ways ICT helps you to communicate, help others and learn. Click on the mouse (or pointer from the touch pad on your tablet) and say a prayer to help you to explore and learn ICT with more commitment.

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