During this prayer corner one performs a science experiment to understand better how rain works. This invites one to reflect on the importance of water and science in our lives.

Equipment: large jar, shaving cream, food colouring, pipette

  • Early Years
  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years
  • Post-Secondary Years



Have you ever been to a science lesson, and they explained how rain forms? Or ever been out on a hot summer day and realise how important is water when thirsty? Water is important for life, not only because we drink it but also with water we wash and clean water plants. Science helps us to understand nature around us. Many scientists discovered new medicine and new healing methods and helped us become aware of harming the Earth and us.

  • Fill the jar with ¾ water and continue filling the jar with shaving cream.
  • In a separate cup, put some water and mix in the food colouring.
  • Take the pipette and start transferring the coloured water onto the shaving cream. Once the shaving cream is filled, it will start pouring the coloured water like rain into the water.
  • Praise God for the rain, the environment, and scientists.


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