In this Prayer Space, we will reflect that all Christians, even if there are in different Christian Churches and denominations, find their unity in Christ.

Equipment: bicycle or wheel or an image of a turing wheel of bicycle or wheel, plain paper, colours or markers, pencil or pen

  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years
  • Post-Secondary Years



Think of the times when you went for a picnic and took your bicycle with you. Maybe you went for a ride on your bicycle with your siblings or friends and maybe you even raced with each other! Did you ever notice the spokes of each wheel would turn together? What keeps them together? It is the axle that helps the wheels move together so that the cyclist can move the bicycle forward to his destination. Every year, between the 18th and the 25th of January, Christians from different denominations from all over the world, gather together to pray for unity between them. Christians find their unity in Christ who unites us all like the axle unites the spokes of the wheel on a bicycle.

  •  Ride your bicycle or observe the wheel as it turns while reflecting on what you’ve read about.
  •  On the plain paper draw a bicycle or a wheel (a large circle with a smaller circle inside and lines connecting both circles)
  •  On the axle write the word ‘Jesus’ and between the spokes write about situations when you helped others by being more loving.
  • Ride your bike again or observe the wheel turning and thank God for being with you in these situations. Ask Him to help you to move forward and make progress in your life.


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