Inspired by the Makar Sakranti Festival celebrated by Hindus, we thank God for providing us with our needs like our food, families, friendships, forgiveness and peace.

Equipment: a blank paper or a picture of a bonfire, colouring pencils, a pen or pencil

  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years
  • Post-Secondary Years



Everyone enjoys the beauty of nature as well as the fruit and vegetables in our fields. On the 14th and sometimes exceptionally on the 15th of January, the Hindus celebrate the Makar Sakranti Festival in which they sow fruit and vegetables and celebrate a peace ritual.

We are going to think about food, our families, our friendships, our town or village, our health and our happiness. Take the bonfire picture attached or draw a picture of your own and around the bonfire write or draw:

  1.  a food which you like  
  2.  the name of a person who is special to you
  3.  the name of your town or village
  4.  ways of making the world your home and how to be happier in life

Reflect in silence and say a prayer to thank God for His providence in your life.


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