Missio prayer spaces

These prayer spaces are aimed to get in touch with the people who come to Malta to find a better life. To open our hearts to the newcomers. To understand what they left behind to be able to live here. These prayer spaces entail little gestures of welcome and love that make the difference. These help the students at school to socialize and serve as tools to learn to live with each other in harmony. They give us the opportunity to grow together, not only spiritually but also culturally. This creates a missionary spirit, a sense of acceptance without prejudice.
These prayer spaces give the opportunity for new friendships, and to open not only our hearts but also our minds to new things and ideas. To help the students to communicate and to discover the talents, that are usually hidden. They get to know each other better and interact with students that need some help and support.
They are a celebration of life. our world is beautiful. It is us that make it beautiful, as we are all different with different talents.
Some Feedback: –
The world Prayer Space.
The students really felt connected with the world. With the people who are suffering and to relatives that live abroad – even those who are sick and are for a cure abroad.

Zip for Peace
This is the most popular with students. Since zips connect one side to the other, they feel connected with God.

Writing welcoming notes
The students really enjoyed this prayer space. They enjoyed writing nice things to each other. It is a way of making new friends and getting to know and welcome newcomers.

Open my eyes to see…
The students here were free to express what they want to see for a better world. They want a world where everyone shares. A peaceful world with no pollution, with clean seas. A world with no poverty or injustice. They want a world (this was written several times) with happy families.