How can we help heal our wounded planet?
Grade 3 & 4 pupils attending Theresa Nuzzo School Marsa, engaged on prayer spaces related to climate change during the STEM for Life Erasmus+ Project.

Our Planet… Our Only Home
Read more about STEM for Life Erasmus+ Project and how prayer spaces were set up in relation to climate change. Thanks to Ms Annabella Gauci, Assistant Head of School for sharing the following article and photos with us.

STEM for Life Erasmus+ Project below. Scholastic Years 2019-2020 & 2020-2021

Schools taking part: 

  • Rayleigh Primary School in UK 
  • OS “Djuro Pilar” Slavonski Brod in Croatia 
  • Sivas Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi in Turkey
  • Nya Rydsskolan in Sweden
  • Theresa Nuzzo School in Malta
  • Istituto Bilingue Don Morinello in Italy

This two-year project has been designed to follow the pattern.
Term One – The problems our planet is facing, climate change, pollution etc.
Term Two – Science and Technology from the Wind.
Term Three – Science and Technology from the Sun.
Term Four – Science and Technology from Water.
Term Five – Science and Technology in Habitats.
Term Six – Science and Technology in Recycling.

Model making is a central plank of this project where we have children create models to hold a virtual science fair showing how they can build everyday devices using renewable energy. In this way young children solve problems at their level which reflects upon the problems they will face as adults.

As part of Term One – the problems our planet is facing; Climate Change, a prayer space related to the theme was conducted with two Grade 4 classes and one Grade 3 Class.

Grade 3M

Grade 4S