The theme was ‘…let us not fall into temptation ‘


Before entering we explained what the word ‘temptation’ means. The students then walked in through a display of various items that tempt us, such as laptop, mobile phone, sweets, etc with short messages nearby to make them think. Then we discussed what other items could be of temptation to them and if they believed they could overcome it pointing out that even Jesus himself was tempted.
They watched a video – upper juniors of young children like themselves explaining temptation through a balloon experiment and the lower juniors a cartoon about Jesus being tempted in the desert.

Then together we watched a clip of Jesus teaching the people to pray the Our Father in which the prayer we ask Him to not let us fall into temptation.
We also pointed out that sometimes we do, give in to temptation, but God is always waiting for us to feel sorry, ask for forgiveness and return to his family.
The students were given a paper cross with a heart and marker to offer their most difficult the temptation to Jesus.
The younger students coloured in the heart.
To round it up we lit up a lifesize silhouette of Jesus with open arms and students were given a couple of minutes to think of what they would like cleared from their hearts as we dissolved a tablet in name of the group.
Finally, we closed by holding hands and singing ‘Missierna’ together.