Sr Antonia Bugeja Head of School at Theresa Nuzzo School Marsa, invited classes from Grade 1 to Grade 6 to adopt a child from orphanages abroad and run by the congregation of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The money collected will be donated to them to provide for every child’s education. 
Jaymark Besmonte adopted by Ms Sammut’s Grade 1 class
Jay Ann Guillermo adopted by Ms Katya’s Grade 1 class
Daniel Gitu adopted by Ms Axisa’s Grade 2 class
Mary Warunguru adopted by Ms Xerri’s Grade 2 class
Joyce Mumbi adopted by Ms Ylenia’s Grade 3 class
Monicah Wanjiku adopted by Ms Alexia’s Grade 3 class
Joan Wambuli adopted by Ms Spiteri’s Grade 4 class
Antonia Wangu Njihai adopted by Mr Vella’s Grade 4 class
Elizabeth Achieng adopted by Ms Maria’s Grade 5 class
Charles Kimanti adopted by Ms P Moore’s Grade 5 class
Moses Kyalo adopted by Ms Spiteri’s Grade 6 class
Jane Wambugu adopted by Ms Bellizzi’s Grade 6 class