Every beginning has an end. On Wednesday 25th May 2022, the last activity for the scholastic year 2021-2022 of this eTwinning project called, “Adopt a Grandparent” was organised by St Thomas More College Żejtun Primary B, De La Salle College Primary, and Ghigo Community Residence in Għaxaq, in collaboration with Spiritual Development in Schools.

This activity took place at Ghigo Community Residence from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm. Present for this activity was a Year 3 class of Ms Dorothy from De La Salle College, a year 4 class from St Thomas More College, Żejtun Primary B of Ms Julia, elderly residents from Ghigo Home, as well as Fr Reuben Gauci and Ms Kathleen Spiteri from the Spiritual Development in Schools team.

Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr Reuben Gauci in the yard of Ghigo Community Residence where both schools and the elderly together with their carers kept their respective bubbles, and everyone was wearing masks for safety. Students from both schools read during holy mass, and a discussion between the elderly and the students, led by Fr Reuben, took place during the homily about how the elderly and students can be of support to each other although living in different times.

After mass, hotdogs were prepared by the Ghigo Community Residence staff for everyone, and students had some time free playtime in the yard in their respective areas. Break then, was followed by bingo games where again both schools and the elderly kept their three respective areas.

Students really enjoyed playing bingo searching for the numbers and marking promptly with their crayons and markers while listening attentively to the caller calling out the numbers. Bingo helped the students to concentrate on their tickets as they enjoyed shouting “fatta!” when they cover a line or a house.

The sunny weather provided the opportunity for a very serene atmosphere during the whole morning. Thank you to the SLT of De La Salle College, and St Thomas More College Żejtun Primary B for the collaboration of all the preparation meetings and all activities throughout this scholastic year. This activity will surely be remembered by all people present, and all the activities of this project throughout this scholastic year are a testimony that students and the elderly can support and relate to each other in different ways. We look forward that this collaboration will continue next year with more creative ideas!

Adopt a Grandparent – a student shares his experience

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