As part of the Christmas activities SDS carry out in schools, this year it was a blessing for my colleague Silvana and me to be part of the Prayer Spaces session at the Boys Learning Centre in Ħamrun.

            It was the 20th of December 2022, so the Christmas spirit was in full blast. In fact, Christmas decorations could be noticed from the main door, and as soon as we entered the school, students together with an educator were sharing a Christmas log.

            The session started by watching a video together with the students and educators. The video was about the true and the most essential message of Christmas – giving. The video was followed by a discussion.

            Through the Prayer Spaces session then, which took place one-to-one, we could realize both the happiness and the hurts of the students. This encounter helped me to reflect that they need continuous support and to feel that they are loved and special.

            Afterwards, a short time for socializing with the educators and students took place. This time enhanced me to ponder upon, how it is essential that we listen and understand educators and students and support them in the challenges they continuously face.

            Such a positive experience that inspired me and my colleagues to live fully the meaning of Advent – waiting and seeing Jesus in every situation we came across.

            Thank you to the SDS Team, educators, and students at the Boys Learning Support Centre in Ħamrun. Looking forward to another experience with you all. God bless you all!