On Thursday, 10th September 2019, the Science Department of St. Margaret College Secondary School Verdala Cospicua organised Missio-Science sessions for Applied Science CCP students. These sessions were organised by a member of Missio Malta, Mrs Nancy Camilleri in coordination with Senior Science teacher Martin Azzopardi sdc. These sessions aimed to inculcate moral and human values in students through simple experiments. It was the first time that Missio-Science sessions were organised at St. Margaret College and the feedback from all participating students was very positive.

Through simple experiments held in the Science lab, students were able to reflect upon fundamental moral and human values in life, like:  ‘judge nobody’; ‘God forgives, so forgive others’; ‘we are images of God and unique creatures’; ‘God is love and invites us to love’; ‘what is impossible to mankind is possible to God’.

The most exciting and catching experiment was the one called ‘Spinning Buttons’. This lesson demonstrates that energy is neither created nor destroyed; It is simply converted from one form to another. While the string is just sitting there twisted, it contains only Potential Energy (energy waiting to happen). When the string is pulled, the Potential Energy begins to convert to Kinetic Energy (energy in motion) as the button starts spinning. The Kinetic Energy is converted back to Potential Energy as the button rewinds the string by itself. The button is acting like a flywheel and storing energy, much like a yo-yo.

On performing this simple experiment, students were invited to reflect upon the fact that just like energy, God is always with us and moving in us. Sometimes we misbehave and do bad things, and we need God’s energy to get back to our right tracks. We can do many great things if we let God’s energy dwell in us. God creates in us positive energy which can attract the attention of others. Then we transfer our positive energy to others so that others can do the same. This positive energy of God who dwells in us can grow through prayer and gives us the strength to be witnesses of God wherever we are.

Teacher Martin Azzopardi sdc said: “I was amazed with the many good insights that our students reflected upon on performing these simple Missio-Science sessions in class”.

The following are some insights shared by participating students in these Missio-Science sessions:

“Life must go on” by student Naomi Pace;

“We can do lots of good with the power of God in our lives” by student DeJerone Spiteri;

“I really enjoyed these Missio-Science experiments because they made me THINK and REFLECT” by student Alexei Fenech;

“I learnt a lot out of these Missio-Science sessions” by student Daniel Caruana;

“We are unique, and we have to accept the way we are made up” by student Shanaia Attard;

“God can create lots of good in us if we let Him dwell in our hearts” by student Lana Harrington;

“I have to love and accept myself as I am” by student Mirain Caruana
Written by Trisman Camilleri
Student at St. Margaret College Senior Secondary School, Verdala, Cospicua, Malta.
Photos description:
St. Margaret College Secondary School students (Applied Science CCP Form 3) participate in Missio Science sessions together with their teacher Martin Azzopardi sdc under the coordination of Mrs Nancy Camilleri, member of Missio Malta – 10th October 2019.