On the 9th of October, as Spiritual Development in Schools Team, we participated in the conference Plexus 2021. This is a conference organized by the Malta Catholic Youth Network, the diocesan commission for youths. Plexus is a term referring to a network of interlacing blood vessels or nerves in a body. Due to the pandemic restrictions, the event took place in six different locations and like the blood vessels and the nerves we were connected through Zoom. This years’ theme was Waves in order to be connected we the waves we faced and are still facing due to the current situation of the pandemic as the delegate of the Archbishop for the youths Mr Benjamin Flores Martin explained at the beginning of the conference.

Each session was focused on a verb from the document of the Pastoral Plan of the Archdiocese of Malta ‘One Church, One Journey’, and consisted of a talk, reflection and group discussions. The speakers, all from different backgrounds, through their sharing, helped us to reflect more on our mission first, in our case, our mission in reaching out in schools, and first and foremost as Christians, as well as youth leaders, to always keep our doors open to all who call for help especially the youths under our care.

Listening to the various experiences and reflections during discussion time made one stop and think about “Where are we?” and what are the best ways to welcome the youths after the tough experience of the pandemic in the last year. Youths are the freshness and the spirit of life, and their presence in the church reflects the enthusiasm and young minds.

We would like to thank the Malta Catholic Youth Network for organizing this day of exchanging experiences, testimonies, discussion, reflection and prayer as look forward to more collaborations in serving the adolescents and youth in Malta.