This prayer space helps one to reflect on how he, or she can continue Jesus’ mission here on earth through his/her hands, feet, heart, and eyes.

Equipment: Grail Prayer, hand, foot, heart and eyes templates, pens and pencils, fabric.

Related to Liturgy: Lent; Holy Week

Related to Bible: John 13:2-17   

  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years
  • Post-Secondary Years


Jesus throughout his life here on earth walked mostly with those who needed companionship. Who are these people? The broken, the lost, those on the margins of society, the special needs, and all those who needed his help.

  • Choose a line from the Grail Prayer
  • Be still for a moment and think about this verse that struck you most.
  • Choose either a hand, feet, heart, or eyes template, and in it write ex. if you choose the feet template…Christ acts through my feet when…
  • Attach your template to the cloth near the others’ to remember that through all our good actions we can change the world like Jesus.


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