Martin Luther King once said: “To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” Prayer is not about repeating rituals as one might think; instead, it is about spending time with our Heavenly Father. Think about the chitchats of small children with their parents. Just like them, we are to show our gratitude, cry out for forgiveness, talk about the greatness of our Heavenly Father and present to him our wishes and needs. We need to hold our chitchats with Him so that we will grow into becoming more like him.

Take four pieces of paper from the ones provided and number them.

  1. Label paper 1 as Thankful and write a thankful prayer.
  2. Label paper 2 as Sorry and write a prayer asking for forgiveness.
  3. Label paper 3 as Please and write a prayer asking for your needs.
  4. Label number 4 as Praise and write a prayer of praise to our God.

Finally place your prayers in the respective envelopes provided and labelled, respectively.


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