These prayer activities are found on the UK website for Prayer Spaces in Schools but not yet on our website. We thank the Prayer Spaces in Schools UK team for all the inspiration and work.

  • Early Years
  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years
  • Post-Secondary Years

Prayer Activities
Prayer Activity URL
All Hallows Link
All though this hour – All hours Link
All though this hour – Picture Thankfulness Link
All though this hour – Lord Be My Guide Link
Anointing the King Link
Autumn Leaves Link
Binocular Boggle Link
Bubble Tube Link
Bubble Wrap Prayers Link
Calm Jar Link
Carbon Footprints Link
Challenge Swamp Link
Character Cards Link
Christian aid-building homes Link
Christian aid-children alone Link
Christian aid-clean water Link
Christian aid-peace making Link
Christian aid-rising sea Link
Christmas – Born in a Manger Link
Christmas – Born in Poverty Link
Christmas – Community Christmas Link
Christmas – Gabriel and Mary Link
Christmas – Jesus’ Gifts Link
Christmas – Preparing Hearts Link
Christmas – Rejoice Link
Christmas – Sharing Link
Clay Pot Prayers Link
Climate Change Windmills Link
Climbing Shoes Link
Clouds Link
Come Home Link
Comfort Blanket Link
Diversity Chain Link
Diversity Mosaic Link
Dove of Peace Link
Dream Clouds Link
Easter: Resurrection Link
Environment Link
Football prayers-on ball Link
Forest Hammocks Link
Forest Hope Link
Forest Listening Link
Forest Rubbish Link
Forest Shelter Link
Forest Thanks Link
Freedom Link
Gethsemane Afraid Link
Global Prayers Link
Glow Stick Prayers Link
Hand Challenge Link
Hand Written Link
Healing Prayers Link
Heart Strings Link
Help the helpers Link
Helpers Link
Honour Wall Link
Hopeful Hopscotch Link
Human Trafficking Link
I have a dream Link
In Honour of… Link
Inside Out Boxes Link
Journey – Outdoors Link
Just a minute Link
Kindness Postcards Link
Knife Angel Link
Leaders Across The World Link
Leaders of Change Link
Leaf Thanks Link
Leave it there Link
Lent: Gethsemane Help (Afraid) Link
Lent: Gethsemane Help (help) Link
Lent: Last Supper Link
Lent: Simon the Helper Link
Lent: The Cross (Sorry) Link
Lent: The Trial (That’s not Fair) Link
Letters from God Link
Letting go: Hand Shredder Link
Life line Link
Life stories Link
Lifeboat Prayers Link
Little People Link
Love hearts Link
Love your neighbour Link
Magnadoodles Link
Magnetic poetry prayers Link
Masks Link
Modern Day Slavery Prayers Link
Mountain Climbing Shoes Link
Mountain Starting Out Link
Mountain: The Climb Link
Mountain: The Top Link
Muddy Mess Link
My Team Link
No Fear in Love Link
Not F-Hair Link
Peace Maker Link
Picnic Prayers: Schools Link
Plasma ball Link
Plasticine People Link
Playing cards Link
Pray for Ukraine Link
Prayer Walk Scavenger Hunt Link
Racism Healing Prayers Link
Remebrance: Pinning My Hopes Link
Remebrance: Rainbow Candles Link
Remembrance Patience Prayers Link
Remembrance Peace Buttons Link
Remembrance Prayers Link
Remembrance Thank You Bunting Link
Remembrance Thankful Beads Link
River Pebbles Link
Sands of Time Link
Scars Link
Sea Glass Prayers Link
Seed Prayers Link
Seeds of Hope Link
Silent Disco Prayers Link
Sin Prayers Link
Smiley Stones Link
Sock Prayers Link
Spiders Web Link
Sports Prayers Link
Stained Glass Link
Stars and Stripes Link
Stop Drop and Roll Link
Story Bags Link
Story of Peace Link
Survival Link
Take a message Link
Take a seat Link
Thanks Stones Link
The Greatest Link
The Journey Link
The Other Person Link
The Prayer Space 360 Video Link
The Verge Link
Thread Prayers Link
Time Capsule Link
Time Line Link
Time Travel Link
Times Tables Prayers Link
Tiny Red Phone Link
Toast Prayers Link
Town Prayers Link
Trust Prayers Link
Unbroken Hearts Link
Water the Flowers Link
What would you do? Link
World of Possibility Link
Worry Eaters Link
WW1 – Battlefields Prayer Link
WW1 – Peace Marbles Link
WW1 – The Lamp Link
WW1 – The Letter Link
WW1 – The Medals Link
WW1 – The Wound Link
Yarns of Hope Link

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