This prayer space encourages one to pray for people and places in their local community.

Equipment: plain papers, or map of the local area (maybe get one from a local estate agent). Something to put onto the map, e.g. coloured beads, drawing pins, small flags. (If you use pins put a board behind the map), local landmarks, school, church, etc....



Let us think about our ongoing activities. The place we go and whom we meet during our typical week, for example: at school, music or dance lessons, during sports training, drama, choir, catechism classes, at your parish, persons whom we meet during the weekend or social activities, and other numerous activities that are essential in each and every one of us.

  • On the plain paper, draw a circle, and in it, write “My Community.”
  • Create a web and write every place you attend during the week.
  • Take some time to glance at the web and think about your life.
  • Place the buttons/beads on each place one after the other while thinking about the people you meet in that particular place.
  • Spare a small prayer for these people.


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