This prayer space allows one to reflect on someone they love while forming a playdough heart, which will be given to this person. This person will also be given a playdough ball to do the same.

Equipment: red play dough, heart-shaped dough cutter, playdough board

Related to Bible: 1 John 4-8   




A picture of a heart reminds us of Love.  We can show others that we love them in many ways.  We can use words and tell them, and we can show them what we do.   We can show someone we love him/her when his/her true happiness comes first. 

  • Take a playdough ball and work it out in the shape of a heart. 
  • Look at your playdough heart and think of someone outside the school grounds whom you love.
  • Next time you meet this person, give him/her your playdough heart as a symbol of your love for him/her.
  • Next, give him/her another prepacked playdough ball and ask him/her to form a heart and give it to someone he/she loves.


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