During this prayer space one is invited to think about the hurdles and challenges in one’s life and to pray for God’s guidance when faced with these hurdles and challenges.

Equipment: A hurdle or any similar equipment, string, card or paper, pens, pegs, a table

  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years
  • Post-Secondary Years


Have you ever watched the Olympic Games? While one is watching he can notice various types of sports and races.  One of them is the hurdle jump. Do you think you could jump over one of the hurdles? It takes time, and hours of training for the participants to achieve and jump over these hurdles.

  • What are the hurdles in your life?  What are you finding difficult to overcome?
  •  On an Olympic hurdle template, write about or draw a picture of your hurdles.
  •  Spare some time sharing your difficulties with God.

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