Inspired by Simon of Cyrene, who was special because he helped Jesus carrying the cross, one reflects and prays for a special person in ones life while creating ‘a pipe cleaner model’.

Equipment: pipe cleaners

  • Kinder
  • Early Years
  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years
  • Post-Secondary Years



Simon was a very generous person for he helped and carried the burden of the One who was suffering.  Think of someone you know, someone in your family, or a close friend who is special to you, for example, someone who takes care of you, makes you happy, listens to you and/or encourages you.

  • As you think about what makes this person special to you, make a model of them out of pipe cleaners.
  • You may say a silent prayer for this special person in your life.  



Facts Card

Facts about Simon of Cyrene

Facts Card

Facts about Simon of Cyrene

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