In this prayer space one will think about the death, passion and resurrection of Jesus while taking the time to thank God for this forgiving love.

Equipment: 2 paper plates, 2 butterfly clips, markers, scissors

Related to Liturgy: Easter Sunday of the Lord’s Resurrection - Year B

Related to Bible: John 20: 1-9   

  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years


Have you ever wished for something that looked impossible to have, to see or do?  Easter is a time to rejoice because for our God nothing is impossible. He sent his son Jesus so through his passion, death, and resurrection he will pay for our sins and we can all one day go next to him in Heaven.

  • Take some time to think of how great our God is.  So great that on the third Day Jesus won over death.
  • On one of the paper-plates draw the sign of the cross and on the other draw a big easter egg.
  • Cut this paper plate with the Easter egg in half.   Stick both halves together from the bottom onto the other plate with the cross using the butterfly clips.
  • Flip open the easter egg plate and while you look at the cross, thank Jesus for through his passion and resurrection we can start a new life.


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