Our first mission Prayer Spaces were held at the Seminary on the 12th February 2018. 

The children were focused on reading the information about the different continents and the different needs of the children in various countries, as they walked the footsteps through the different continents, they learned the different colours for every continent. 

They read about the children that are suffering because of the lack of resources. Children that cannot go to school or children that are sick of curable deceases and they cannot afford to buy the medicine. 

They read about homeless children – and exploited children found in various missionary lands.

These prayer spaces are used as part of missionary animation to create awareness that there are children in the world who suffer from sickness, injustice and thirst for love.

When the children tried these prayer spaces, we were impressed by how much they prayed even for the missionaries. They were concerned that not everybody knew Christ in the world and about the fact that so much help is needed in the world. How much peace in the hearts of every person is needed to stop war. 
Everybody wrote prayers for peace. A nine year old  boy came up to me and showed me the prayer he wrote, it really struck me. He wrote:- 
Dear Jesus, 
make that all the people in the world 
understand who you are.