There are a variety of options for how and where to set up prayer spaces in a school environment. For example, prayer spaces can be set up in a school hall, in corridors, in the foyer, in a particular room, in a schoolyard or garden, in the chapel or any other space available on the school premises.

Prie pour le mondePray for the world

One other interesting way of setting up a prayer space could be in the classroom during a particular lesson. Educators can, for example, choose a theme from the top ten prayer Activities (see below) and use this theme throughout the many areas of the curriculum. 
Taking the theme ‘Thankfulness’ as an example, language teachers can do this prayer space in class during their particular language lesson. Students can then express their gratitude towards their friends or other persons by writing thank you prayer notes in French as shown in the pictures below, or in any other language being taught at school.
The chosen theme could then be integrated and connected to other subjects thus allowing students to live the prayer experience in a more natural way throughout the day.
Merci – Thank you prayer notes
The following is a list of the Top Ten Prayer Spaces Themes:
1. Please, e.g. Prayer Wall or Bubble Tube
2. The World, e.g. Pray For The World
3. Questions, e.g. Big Questions
4. Thankfulness, e.g. Thankful Play Dough
5. Peace, e.g. Be Still
6. Sorry, e.g. Sorry Strings or Fizzy Forgiveness
7. Forgiveness, e.g. Forgiveness Stones
8. Worry, e.g. Letting Go or Name That Feeling
9. Self Identity, e.g. Mirrors or Masks
10. Injustice, e.g. Christian Aid or Cardboard Home
Below are some examples of prayer stations in French and German. All this can be adapted to other languages and subjects.
Pardon – Saying sorry