In Yahad, the Justice and Peace Commission reflects on the wounds of our society, before proposing
a number of tools from Catholic Social Teaching which can help us build a more just and reconciled
The resource ‘Called to care: Why politics is not just someone else’s problem’ builds on the
reflections which are found in ‘Yahad’ and consists of three short workshops, each lasting around 20
minutes. The main aim of these workshops is to help participants understand the huge importance
of political participation in our society. In different ways, and according to the particular
circumstances of each individual, we are all called to lend a hand to ensure that the dignity and
rights of everyone, especially of the most vulnerable, are always safeguarded and respected.

The First Workshop

The first workshop focuses on the question: “Why should I care about what’s happening in politics?”.
In the second session, we are urged to listen to the voices of those who are discarded and
marginalized, in order to identify those areas in our society which require our urgent attention. In
the last leg of this journey, now that we have nourished the desire to play our part in building a
more just and reconciled society, the key question becomes: “What can I really do?”

The length and content of the workshop can be adapted according to circumstances. In each
workshop, there are moments of prayer, input, discussion and icebreakers. These activities can be
organized as part of staff development programmes. They can also be used with students in the 14-
18 age bracket.

Resources for Lent

The Justice and Peace Commission prepared resources for the Sundays during Lent related to Honesty, Temperance, Courage, Merciful Patience, Reconciliation, Creativity

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