These prayer spaces where an abundance of God’s grace and an amazing kick start towards advent.  Sounds rather funny but in today’s world we felt the need to spiritually, psychologically and socially prepare ourselves, and our choir community to prepare ourselves for this blessed liturgical time of the year. 

The activity started with the Jesse Tree activity.  While the little ones coloured pictures showing the main episodes in the family tree of Jesus, the older ones had to find from the Bible related quotes.  After which, together we shared the picture and the quote and hung all to the tree.  We concluded that then on day 25th of the advent calendar we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ Our Light.  It was then that we lit up the Tree and this itself gave the participants a hint of how important it is for each and one of us to WAIT!

Jesse Tree
The labyrinth
In which the participants had to recall a positive experience in which they felt happiness, write it down on a paper and then find the way through the labyrinth until they reach the cradle where they placed their papers instead of straws for baby Jesus to lay on.   This prayer space led to a lot of internalization of thoughts.  Some gave upon their way to the cradle, others asked for help, little ones kept on persisting in finding the way to Jesus while elder ones ended up looking at them and their willingness to find the way.

Finding the light – Jesus- makes us in turn, wanting to share this happiness with others.  In another station the participants had to think of people who light their life, who help them or guide them.  Then they lit a small candle and take that candle next to the Blessed Eucharist. On their way, they had to thank God and pray for these people.  Following they knelt down next to the Eucharist and asked God to show them in their hearts how they can be light to others especially during this time of advent.

After some video clips, we discussed how lucky we are that Jesus wanted to come and get messy with our messy lives and so during this time of preparation let us really prepare ourselves through the sacrament of reconciliation. 

Finally each and every one wrote down his/her personal prayer and we created the chain of prayers and decorated the Jesse tree with it.  

Some of the kids asked their parents when we are going to have something similar again organized, others said that they found like a family praying together and some others said that they managed to feel at peace and calm. 

God willing it is our wish to organize more spaces which enrich us and make us even more grateful to Our Loving Father.

Article written by Charlotte Portelli