This prayer space will help us to understand the lyrics of the Maltese National Anthem so that we can pray for our country.

Equipment: pen and pencil, colouring pencils, National Anthem template, National Anthem poster

  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years


We celebrate International Mother Language Day every 21st of February to become aware of how important it is to learn, use and study our native language. Now we will reflect on the lyrics of our National Anthem and write our prayer for Malta in Maltese.

  • From poster 1, choose a verse from the Maltese National Anthem which inspires you.
  • Look at the pictures on the Maltese National poster 2. What does each image remind you or make you think of?
  • Colour the flag on the template and write your poem or prayer in Maltese for Malta underneath the flag.

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