This prayer space lets one to reflect on one’s own fragilities and to think about the pressures and tensions one gives in to, and to allows time to entrust the pain to God.

Equipment: Clay tablet

  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years
  • Post-Secondary Years



Most of us experience moments in life when we are faced with our frailties.  In moments like these we feel deeply broken from inside, it is as our inner souls and beings are being smashed under pressures and tensions to which we are to adhere as responsible beings. 

  • Take a clay tablet and while you feel its fragility think about your frailties.  What is broken deep inside:  self-esteem? Faith, hope in God and/or in others?
  • Smash the clay tablet, and feel it cracking under the pressure of your fingers. Think of the pressures and tensions that have broken something in you.
  • Hold the broken pieces lovingly in your hands. Identify with the pieces and let the pain come up.
  • Recompose the broken pieces and offer them to God, entrusting your pains and hopes to him in prayer.


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