The National Literacy Agency, in collaboration with Spiritual Development in Schools, will once again be organising four ‘Soul Speak’ sessions of writing, reading, and reflection for primary children from Year 4 to Year 6 (8-10 years old).

During sessions of Soul Speak, the children are given the opportunity to train in the Writing Process, through imaginative and reflective activities that encourage them to pray creatively. The children are provided with age-appropriate resources in English and Maltese to express themselves in their preferred language.

Prayer spaces are animated to empower children of all faiths and none to explore life’s questions and spirituality in a safe, creative, and interactive way. These reflective spaces encourage personal reflection on issues such as forgiveness, injustice, thankfulness, big questions, identity, and stillness.

Thus, four key areas are examined:

  1. Relationship with the self
  2. Relationship with others
  3. Relationship with the world
  4. Relationship with God

At the end of the programme, an exhibition of the children’s work is organised, along with a celebratory activity. A certificate will also be awarded to those who attend and participate in all four sessions. The pictures below illustrate a few highlights of previous Soul Speak sessions.

To apply for this programme as a school, please enter your details in the following form when it is available.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events are planned for this programme. If you're interested, get in touch.