The course ‘Creating and Animating Prayer Spaces‘, formed in collaboration between Spiritual Development in Schools and the Pastoral Formation Institute, is designed to equip the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to create and run a prayer space in a given setting. The setting of the prayer spaces can be a school, youth centre, parish hall, workplace, open-plan area, or outdoor space.

The course offers participants the opportunity to grow in their connectedness with themselves, others, the world, and God through the prayer spaces experience.

It enables the participants to accompany others and explore their faith, spirituality, and life’s big questions in a safe, creative, and interactive way. 

Thus leading the participants to understand better the shift from living merely to functioning, fulfilling demands and expectations to a more meaningful life.

It also invites the participants to become aware that relationships are strengthened when one takes the time to appreciate and reflect upon them.

6 sessions over 3 weeks

The course is delivered over 18 contact hours over three weeks in November and December 2023.

DateSession Title
Tuesday21.11.2023Introduction to Prayer
Thursday23.11.2023The Values of Prayer Spaces
Tuesday28.11.2023The Purpose of Prayer Spaces and Prayer Spaces Theology
Thursday30.11.2023Preparing for the setting of Prayer Spaces
Tuesday05.12.2023Creating Prayer Activities
Thursday07.12.2023Recruiting and training a prayer space team, running a Prayer Space and follow up

Dates, Venues and other information

  • 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays ( 21, 23, 28, 30 November & 5, 7 December 2023)
  • Catholic Institute, Floriana.
  • 125 (One can apply for the Get Qualified scheme)

Students who complete this course can apply for the Get Qualified Scheme, enabling them to benefit from a tax credit of 70% of the costs incurred (i.e. €87.50 will be refunded for this course).

For further information or to register for the course ‘Creating and Animating Prayer Spaces’, please click the button below or contact Rev Fr Reuben Gauci, coordinator of Spiritual Development in Schools.

Upcoming Events

Creating & Animating Prayer Spaces 2023

  • Tuesday, 21st November 2023
  • 5pm - 8pm
  • Floriana
  • Educators
  • A course to equip the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to create and run a prayer space in a given setting.