Between the 23rd and the 25th of January 2023, the Spiritual Development in Schools led Prayer Spaces Sessions at St Clare College, St Julian’s Primary School.

The session took place in the school hall, which had ten stations. Students passed from one station to another, and throughout the journey, they prayed prayers of intercession for the world, showed appreciation to their educators, and reflected on nature. Through this activity, they also pondered upon themselves and how they could accept everyone, especially new students in their school. Students enjoyed sitting quietly in the tent in the still station for some time.

The flow from one station to another was smooth, and a calm atmosphere existed. This helped the students, educators, and us feel calm and God’s presence among us. This session helped us reflect on the essential unity between different denominations, which enhances holistic human development. Each human being can share a positive message with the others around him.

Throughout this session, students wrote and pointed out messages that children of every age can change the world around them, that everyone has potential, and that they are to be listened to and understood. Children have intuitions of great professors.

We would like to thank especially Ms Maria Grima and the Senior Leadership Team of St Julian’s Primary for their cooperation and support in planning these sessions, and to all the staff and students from kinder to year six, which left a very positive imprint in our team, and we will surely keep on cherishing this experience.