Through the pumpkin activity we will pray to God to help us get closer to Him.

Equipment: a pumpkin or template of a pumpkin, knife, pen, colours, small candle/battery tea light candle

  • Early Years
  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years
  • Post-Secondary Years

November 1 is a special day called the feast of All Saints. It is the day the Church celebrates with all the people who have died and are now with God in heaven. We go to Mass and remember that all these holy people are happy with God.

The saints were people just like us. They felt hungry, tired, angry, and disappointed sometimes, just as we do. But the saints did different things even when they didn’t want to because they loved God.

Saints are people who love Jesus and share his love with others. God calls each of us to be saints. We can all live like the saints even while we are still on earth.

  • Think of ways to live like a saint at home, at school and in your neighbourhood. 
  • Now, think of one thing you will do today because you love God.
  • In your heart, promise God that you will do it even if it is hard.

We chose the pumpkin activity so that through it, we pray to God to help us get closer to Him.

With every part of the pumpkin, we shall reflect and pray.


  • Hold the pumpkin in your hand and remove the top part.
  • As you do this say:

Jesus, open my mind to learn new and beautiful things about you. Take away all the ugly thoughts of hatred and revenge.


  • Remove the inside filling (paper filling) from the pumpkin.
  • As you do this say:

Jesus, remove from me all that you do not like. Forgive me for the wrong that I do and help me forgive those who hurt me.


  • Remove the eyes.
  • As you do this say:

Jesus, open my eyes to realize the beauty of this world and to see the needs of others.


  • Remove the nose.
  • As you do this say:

Jesus, forgive me when I have a snobbish attitude. Forgive me when I do not care for others and for not appreciating the good you gave me.


  • Remove the mouth.
  • As you do this say:

Jesus, help me to praise you with my words and to say a word of kindness to others.


  • Put a tea light candle inside. Light it.
  • As you do this say:

Jesus, help me in all that I do, to spread your light everywhere.

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