In this prayer space one will reflect on the beauty of nature and express their thoughts and feelings through art.

Equipment: Paper plate, palette to mix paints, poster, acrylic or water paints, plant, flowers, leaves, pine cones or conifers, pebbles or small stones or other natural objects you find in the countryside

  • Kinder
  • Early Years
  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years


Sometimes, when we see the beauty of nature, we cannot express what we feel in words. Art helps us to express our thoughts and feelings in a creative way. We usually use our hands to do art but many people can also create art using their mouth or feet. When we communicate through art, we feel happy because we create beautiful things and share them with others.

  • Relax and imagine a scene in the countryside, fields or mountains. How does this make you feel? Write or say a prayer about this.
  • Express your feelings by dipping natural objects such as flowers, leaves, pine cones, pebbles or stones into a poster or acrylic paint and make designs with them on paper.
  • Look at your hands. Remember that there are people who cannot use their hands because of a disability. Say a prayer or reflection about this.

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