This prayer space invites one to imagine the three kings and everyone else searching for Jesus in his/her heart. Will they find Him there?

Equipment: Playdough, Baby Jesus templates or Baby Jesus crib figurine

Related to Liturgy: Epiphany Sunday Year B

Related to Bible: Matthew 2: 1-12   

  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years
  • Post-Secondary Years


Have you ever heard of the Wise Men who followed a star which led them to where Jesus was?  These Wise Men, who were kings, wanted to find the King of Kings to honour him and give him three gifts which were fit for a king.  Can you imagine these 3 kings trying to find the way to Jesus, the King of Kings, using their GPS?  If they happen to come to my house, my heart, my life, and my mind will the GPS inform them that they have reached their destination? Will they find Jesus in my heart, in my mind and my life?

  • Take some time to think about how you are going to show the three kings and everyone else that Jesus is in your heart, in your mind and your life. Take a piece of playdough and form a 3d heart which will represent your heart.
  • Place the baby Jesus crib figurine or the baby Jesus template/picture in the middle of this heart. 
  • Ask God to help others find Jesus in you, in all that you say and/or do.

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