The prayer space, inspired by Christian Aid, helps one to think about girls and women who are treated unfairly around the world.

Equipment: Stories, women template, colours, markers, pencils

  • Early Years
  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years


In some parts of the world, women are treated unfairly. Some girls are not allowed to go to school, or they are forced to marry at a  young age or they are not allowed to be fully involved in society.

Christian Aid works with organisations (partners) all over the world to help women and girls who are treated unfairly.

  • Read one of the stories in front of you.
  • If you want to, you can decorate one of the cut-out women, and then write or draw your thought or prayer for women and girls who are being treated unfairly on the other side.               

To find out more about Christian Aid go to


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