Wednesday, 27th March 2024

8:00 am- 1:00 pm

Ċentru Pastorali Qalb ta’ Ġesù, Qrendi

All educators


The SDS team will animate the labyrinth spiritual experience, and the educators will be invited to choose a slot every hour to walk through this personal experience.

Inspire yourself

These are reflections from educators after experiencing the prayer labyrinth in 2023:

“As a group of educators coming together from the same school, our reflections from our group were profound. Thank you! With its winding path and meditative atmosphere, the labyrinth provided us a unique and meaningful experience.”

“I felt so peaceful on this prayer journey.”

“Walking the labyrinth became a form of moving meditation, allowing me to quiet my mind and connect with my inner self on a deeper level.”

“Walking the labyrinth individually but simultaneously with other educators created a shared experience that fostered a sense of camaraderie and connection among our group.”

“Thank you! It was a beautiful experience and much needed.”

Show your interest

Although the event is still some months away, if you are interested in participating in this event, fill out and submit the following form so that we can keep you updated.


This event is part of the A Labyrinth Experience for Educators programme.