Day 17-14/12/21



Riding the waves of my life.




When the worries of life are strong and the tides are heavy, and the water tries to drown you, let go of every weight and let the Spirit of God lift you up above them. (Isaiah 59:19)





Go on a rocky beach and look at the winter waves. As you look at the raging waves, recall the challenges in your life, like when you went through some sort of difficulty, lost a dear friend, got seriously ill, struggled in an important school project or any other horrific experience that you felt engulfed with.

How did you ride through the waves at that time?

Take a moment to ponder a space in your life where God has already raised you up above the waves.

Celebrate what God has done for you.




Dear God, forgive me for trying to do things in my own strength and for striving as if everything rested on me and my efforts. Give me the wisdom today to acknowledge you and continue to hold on to you so I will overcome fear and challenges.