Welcome to the SDS Advent Calendar 2021 for the Primary Years students. During this journey of Advent, let’s prepare ourselves to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The Advent Calendar started on the first Sunday of Advent. Open each door on the date.

Click on the icon showing the day of Advent and wait for the pop-up window to appear. The first window will open this Sunday.
door-Day 1-28/11/21
door-Day 2-29/11/21
door-Day 3-30/11/21
door-Day 4-01/12/21
door-Day 5-02/12/21
door-Day 6-03/12/21
door-Day 7-04/12/21
door-Day 8-05/12/21
door-Day 9-06/12/21
door-Day 10-07/12/21
door-Day 11-08/12/21
door-Day 12-09/12/21
door-Day 13-10/12/21
door-Day 14-11/12/21
door-Day 15-12/12/21
door-Day 16-13/12/21
door-Day 17-14/12/21
door-Day 18-15/12/21
door-Day 19-16/12/21
door-Day 20-17/12/21
door-Day 21-18/12/21
door-Day 22-19/12/21
door-Day 23-20/12/21
door-Day 24 -21/12/21
door-Day 25-22/12/21
door-Day 26-23/12/21
door-Day 27-24/12/21
door-Day 28-25/12/21

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