Day 28-25/12/21

Be joyful and restful during this great day! Baby Jesus is Born! He is with us! Sing and dance happily this song with your family, friends, and those who take care of you: Read more »

Day 27-24/12/21

Lay Baby Jesus in the manger you prepared for him towards the beginning of Advent. Say this small prayer: Baby Jesus, help me to be a better person. Read more »

Day 26-23/12/21

Look at the holy image of Jesus, Mary and St Joseph. The angel of the Lord, in a dream told him to marry the Virgin Mary. This was such a nice dream! Think of a nice dream you dreamt and share it with someone. Read more »

Day 24-21/12/21

Today the season of Winter starts. It is the shortest day. Look at your jacket, boots, scarf or any other kind of clothes we wear during the winter season, and in a quiet moment think of all those poor children who do not have enough clothes to wear, and food to eat. Read more »

Day 23-20/12/21

Do your best not to complain today, even if you must do things you do not want to do. Song – Without Arguing Read more »

Day 22-19/12/21

Light up the 4th candle. This candle represents love. Form a heart with a pipe cleaner and connect another pipe cleaner or a straw to the heart to form a magic wound of love. During lunchtime present the magic wound to those you are having lunch with and show them that you love them. Read more »

Day 21-18/12/21

The Shepherds were taking care of their sheep when they got the news that Jesus is born. We are the sheep and Jesus is our Shepherd. Write your name on the sheep template attached and thank God for your name. He knows you by your name. Read more »

Day 20-17/12/21

The innkeeper said to St Joseph that the hotel was full and that he had no space for him, Mary and Jesus. During playtime, play with someone who feels lonely or unhappy. Read more »