In this prayer space we will reflect on the importance of appreciating and living in peace with people of different faiths.

Equipment: paper, colouring pencils, templates, scissors, glue, pencil

  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years


Fraternity means when we unite to support each other like brothers and sisters. The International Day of Human Fraternity is celebrated every year to remember that all humans should respect and love each other. On this day we remember that the human race is facing the same problems all around the world such as violence, wars, pollution, and pandemics.  When people of different religions or beliefs gather to pray and discuss world problems together, they can make the world more just and peaceful.

  • Look at the poster with symbols of different faiths.
  • Draw the symbols of these different religions on a blank sheet of paper.
  • Think of the people of different religions who maybe are in your school or live near you.
  • What are the problems people face in the world today? Write your prayer so that people of different faiths will unite, pray and work together to make the world more peaceful.
  • (optional activity)If you wish you may cut out the jigsaw puzzle pieces, join them and read the quotations (sentences) about peace and love taken from other faiths.

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