This Prayer Space helps one to learn to be, to know more about ‘who am I?’ to continue transforming himself/herself in God.

Equipment: Plain paper any colour, pen or pencil, colours, basin, water

  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years
  • Post-Secondary Years


Have you ever had a ride on a boat? Do you remember what were your feelings when the boat was moving into the sea? It sways while the captain follows the compass to find the place he wants to go to. And there are times when faces difficulties until he manages to find the place he wants to go to. This is an image of our lives. Thus quiet time and sacrifices are necessary to be content and fulfilled in our lives.

  • Fill in the basin with water
  • Think of that something that you wish to change in yourself.
  • Form a boat using the paper and on it write what would you like to change in yourself to feel happier.
  • Put the boat in the water (in the basin)
  • Spare a small prayer to God to help you continue to transform yourself.

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