Day 28-25/12/21



Make room for JesusMary and Joseph did not have Airbnb or Trivago or to book ahead, so when they sat out for Bethlehem, they had no place where to stay. Their hopes were dashed just as the hopes of many of us for Christmas due to Covid or due to other unforeseen circumstances. But amid all the chaos of the first Christmas there was Jesus, and amid the chaos of Christmas this year, is Jesus.




She will give birth to a son, and you are to give Him the name Jesus. (Matthew 1:21)





Look at a baby or find a picture of yourself when you were a baby.

How do you feel?

Meeting a baby is a warm, gentle, and tender moment.

Today, make a Christmas resolution.

Open your heart to allow the warmth, gentleness, and tenderness of Jesus into your heart.

Make room for Jesus to be the centre of your life and keep him there by praying to him every day.





Dear Jesus, as I get to know other people by spending time with them, help me to know you by spending time with you. As I celebrate your birth this Christmas, I will make room for you to guide me and lead my life.